“Albricias” Submissions

General Guidelines

SHH sponsors can submit up to 5 total student submissions per issue. Albricias encourages class assignments designed around submission to the journal, but the sponsor should select the top student work to edit and submit for possible publication. Only one submission per student per issue has the possibility of being published.


Submission Guidelines Checklist

General Checklist

Is the student an inducted member of the SHH with all membership dues paid?

Has the work been through the revision process with the help of the sponsor/teacher?

Does each student submission include:

  • A completed Google Form submission?
  • A header with the full student name
  • chapter name (preceded by the word “Capítulo”)
  • complete school name
  • city and state
  • SHH sponsor name (followed by a comma and then “asesor/asesora” in Spanish or
  • “assessor/assessora” in Portuguese)?
  • A creative title in Spanish or Portuguese?
  • A brief academic author biography written in Spanish or Portuguese (in the third person)?
  • A high-quality, professional photograph of the student?
  • A release form hand-signed by the parent? (These can be scanned or photographed images.)



Does the work demonstrate correct grammar and usage in Spanish or Portuguese?

If research-based, does the prose include the appropriate works cited AND parenthetical citations per the MLA 8 style guide?



Does the art/photography reflect professional quality?

Is the submission a high-quality photo or scan? Is it the biggest file size possible?

Are all images used either created by the student or free of copyright infringement (public domain images, Creative Commons Zero [CC0] license, written permission from rights holder, etc.).


For more information, please contact Faith Blackhurst (Editor of Albricias) at editor.shh@aatsp.org or visit http://www.aatsp.org/Albricias.