How NSE-NC State Winners Are Determined

The grades arrive from AATSP as a spreadsheet.  The grades are loaded into a database.  A tool is run over the spreadsheet to create a database of winners by level (01, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) category (Regular, Outside Experience and Bilingual) and exam score where a perfect score is 400 points.  The awards are based on points and not on percentiles.

A database reporting tool is used to give an idea of the award winners sorted by school, level and category.  Oftentimes, there are school name mismatches, e.g. Jones Senior High School, JSHS, Jones High.  An attempt is made to fix these, but this is a time consuming process!  A word processing document is used to print the certificates.  A database reporting tool is used to prepare a report with totals sorted by level and category.  This report is used to purchase the gift cards.  Due to financial limits in place at Barnes and Noble, this requires four trips to purchase all the cards.  The report is used to hand sort the gift cards and certificates, a space and time consuming task and to package them for mailing.  The addressees to send the packages to need to be determined by a web search; this information is not in the spreadsheet.  Then, the packages are brought to the post office and mailed to the schools.

Please note the total number of students who took the NSE appears below the list of winners in each category. The list of winners can be found at:


NSE – AATSP- NC Award Recipients 2016

NSE – AATSP – NC Award Recipients 2017

NSE AATSP – NC Awards Recipients 2018

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