2016 Awards




Megan Webb

Turrentine Middle School Spanish teacher  has been named the 2016 National Teacher of the Year for Grades K-8 by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese


Leroy Salazar

World Languages Department Chair
Heritage High School
I think that Leroy Salazar from Heritage High School would be a good candidate for the award.  He has served the AATSP-NC chapter as Treasurer and as NSE Coordinator.  He is Department Chair of World Languages at Heritage High School.  In June, he works with the College Board as a reader for the APSLC Exams.  He teacher Spanish for Native Speakers, AP Spanish Language and Culture and lower levels of Spanish.


Erin Flynn

Charlotte Prep School

Erin is an incredible educator. She has a fantastic knack for getting even the most reticent or shy students to come alive in her classroom. To walk into her classroom is to walk into a joyful space where students are fearlessly speaking Spanish, gleefully singing the songs and in the process becoming incredibly proficient in short periods of time. Aside from the classroom impact on the kids, there is real substance–our scores on the National Spanish exam are extraordinary. Erin is also a wonderful counselor. She is compassionate with her group of advisees and parents constantly give her accolades on how she is able to masterfully guide their daughters through the social minefield that is middle school. I think she is fully deserving of this particular accolade.


Amy Olsen

Carrboro High School

Amy is an outstanding motivator, creative thinker and teacher. She inspires her students to take Spanish year after year, and incorporates such rigor and high quality instruction that her students make continuous, tremendous growth. She works really hard to administer the National Spanish Exam and incorporate other enrichment activities that round out a student experience when taking a language course. Beyond her work with students, she is also our department co-chair and an incredibly supportive, co-worker and leader.


Sherod Laws

Kestrel Heights School

Mr. Laws is an outstanding teacher because he is funny, has great classroom management, and has a grasp of both languages that he utilizes well and is to his advantage when he teaches. He teaches to the class but takes time to teach individually also. His students seem to like him a lot.


Maria Marquez

Fayetteville Academy

During her teaching career, she has touched the lives of many, spreading a contagious love for languages in a challenging but loving environment where all students feel comfortable and eager to learn.